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Event Planner Mississauga is a dedicated team of passionate, design-savvy and talented individuals who love to work and play together which is reflected in all our events. We love to collaborate with our clients. This harmony is needed to produce creative, on budget and on time events. We do not follow trends; we create a new one. We are very careful with details, decors and colors of the event.

We know that you have dreamt or planned all the details before reaching us. You may be thinking about its possibility. Event Planner Mississauga ensures that we can make your vision true with our exceptional ability of execution.

Want to plan the most memorable event of your life? It can be a small intimate gathering, corporate event or a luxurious wedding, Even Planning Mississauga will make it happen on time. Here at Event Planner Mississauga we will make it happen with all the details you have asked for. Perfection and Quality are two words we always emphasize and through these, you will celebrate your most unbelievable dreams. You will get all the details you want and before the event, we will plan everything to keep you away from stress and worry.

Event Planner Mississauga is a Mississauga based event management firm that involves all the aspects of an event. Our services include but not limited to:

Venue selection and negotiation

Speaker management

Registration management


Project consultancy for the event

Multimedia production

Audiovisual design and set up

Process, Budget and timeline

Travel and accommodation

Food and beverage

Vendor Management

Gift and raffle draws

Entertainment facility

The list goes on. Actually, an event is not just an occasion for us and we treat every event as a new one. We start our operation right after you contact us and we will not consider it finish until after all the guests reach their homes safely.

We have a passionate team of talented people and designers. Your event is important to us and our performance sets us apart from anyone else in the event planning industry. We will sit with you right after your thinking of the event. We will plan the details and will share with you everything. You will get all the ideas clear about what we are going to do. So that you can add any details or surprises you want. This is how we are unique from others. Even before the day of the event, an idea about what is happening will be crystal clear for your revision. Our team treats every event a new one and will cater to all the details you have planned for the day.

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