Event Planner FAQs: Important Questions You Should Ask

When planning out special events for different occasions, people often decide to hire an event planner who can handle some of the workload for them, making it less stressful to put together an exciting event that hundreds of different people may attend. If you are thinking about hiring a professional event planner, there are some event planner FAQs that are worth going over to get even more information about the professional who could end up helping you put together an unforgettable event for a special occasion.

What Are Some of the Main Services You Offer?

You should always make sure to ask about the main services that are offered by a specific event planner before hiring them to help you with the planning process. Not all planners provide the same services, so knowing what this person can and cannot do will help you plan accordingly for the event. For example, some of the different things the planner may do for you could include finding the perfect location for the event, making sure transportation arrangements are made, getting in touch with a catering company to have food served, and coordinating some of the decorations.

This is one of the questions that is commonly featured at the top of the event planner FAQs list because people need to know what the event planner can do for them before they decide to spend money on the service. You may want to make sure this person is reliable enough to get a lot of the work done for you because then you will not have nearly as much to do when you are trying to put this event together for a special occasion.

Do Multiple People Plan the Event Together?

Find out if the event planner has a team of people working under him or her. Many of the professional planners take on a lot of work and often have quite a few team members available to help them get things done, whether it involves contacting the different vendors, speaking directly to the clients, or even taking care of other odds and ends that must be finalized before the day of the event. It is important to know who is going to be working on putting your event together because you want to make sure everything is in good hands.

Are Special Party Planning Packages Available?

Ask the event planner if he or she offers special party planning packages. Many of these professionals do offer affordable packages for different occasions, including wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, prom parties, and graduation parties. It is possible to get a deal on the services you need, but the only way to know for sure is to speak directly to the event planner to find out about the types of specials he or she is wiling to offer to clients.

What Makes Your Service Superior?

This is yet another important question on the event planner FAQs list. Most people want to know what makes an event planner’s service superior over others. The service may be more superior because the event planner is willing to go the extra mile and has a great reputation in the industry as someone who is reliable and can be trusted. Anyone who needs an event planner for their special event will need to work with someone who is professional, trustworthy, and willing to work hard enough to get things done within the right amount of time.

How Do You Accept Payment?

There may be a few different ways to pay for the services that are provided to you by the event planner. Most event planners accept different methods of payment as a convenience to their clients. Some of the payment options may include check, money order, or even credit/debit card payments. However, the best way for you to find out how you can pay for the services you are going to receive is to ask the event planner you have selected to help with the planning process about the payment methods he or she accepts when clients are paying for the service.

Do You Work With Outside Vendors?

While many event planners are in touch with tons of different vendors in the area because they have already worked with them before and are familiar with those vendors, you may want to check if an event planner works with other outside vendors that he or she is not familiar with at all. There are certain vendors you may be interested in having at your special event, so you would want to make sure the event planner could keep in touch with them and work directly with them to make sure they come to your event prepared with whatever it is they are offering, such as food or different types of entertainment sources to keep guests interested in what is going on at the event.

Why Should I Trust You to Plan an Important Event?

Some event planners have quite the positive reputation because they have been in business for such a long time and have helped people with all kinds of events. You need to know why you should trust a specific professional before allowing him or her to plan your event. It would be beneficial for the event planner to show you a portfolio of different events he or she has planned while providing you with some feedback that was left by several past clients. If those who have worked with this specific event planner in the past were satisfied with the service and nothing negative was said, the event planner is someone who can obviously be trusted with something as important as planning your big event.

There are certain event planner FAQs that should be answered before you hire a specific professional to start planning out your event. If you want to make sure the event goes smoothly and everyone you invite has a genuinely good time while they are there, you will need to hire a reliable, trained, and experienced professional who will do the best job at meeting your expectations.